That desire to unplug from it all pulls so strongly sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could forget about all those thousands of emails we need to reply to or those likes we want to check on Instagram? Sometimes it can be such a hassle to deal with all the new technology. The ironic thing is how technology is supposed to make things easier. Yeah right.

It sounds like we aren’t the only ones  who dream of freedom. U.S. teens took a survey in 2012 from the folks at Statista. The study revealed that their longing for digital freedom is real. It may not be a majority, but the numbers of social media frustrations are surprisingly high for a generation that was born into the digital world.

Teen Survey Digital Legacy

A total of 45% of these kids get (either somewhat or strongly) frustrated with their friends for texting or using social media when they are together. That’s a lot of kids who are far from their stereotype. For a generation so wrapped up in their phones, we were surprised to see that there were reservations about the use of their devices.

It happens almost daily. You and a friend grab a coffee to catch up from the weekend when you were apart. As you pour your heart out about that guy who tore your heart to shreds, she replies with, “Mhmm.” Her eyes wander down at her phone to check her Facebook notifications, then back up to you momentarily. How annoying.

Teenagers of 2012, we feel your angst over here in 2017. We too often wish we could rewind to the pre-Facebook days when they had those disposable cameras with negatives you had to develop.

There are those days when we just want to throw our phones in a pond somewhere, but when it’s all said and done, we can’t live without them. That love/hate toxic relationship with social media keeps us coming back for more.


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