You’re Hired?

“We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you the position at this time.”

Have you ever wondered why you were looked over for a position that you invested so much time and effort applying and getting letters of recommendation for? Has it ever crossed your mind that there was another reason for not getting the job; especially considering the fact that you aced your second interview.  Have you taken an honest inventory of your image and how you are perceived by the world around you?

When evaluating how all these questions play into each other, I invite you to consider your digital footprint. From Twitter to Facebook, employers are looking beyond the resume and taking a deeper look into the lives of potential employees through their social media.

“According to a survey performed by CareerBuilder on employers, 65% of the employers admit of screening potential candidates with the help of social media to research on how the candidates represent themselves professionally.”

Social media today is more powerful today than it has ever been before. Employers are seeking out the help of social media to take the opportunity to get an honest look into the lives of their future employees. Employers want to know how good you are for their image, are you professional, and how do you interact with your professional network? Even if it is on social media.

It isn’t having a social media account that has a negative impact on your opportunity to getting a career, however the way you represent yourself through these accounts could have an effect. Pictures of drinking with friends in college, hate statuses of your previous or current work environment, and communicating with your social network; your digital footprint follows you forever. The difference between a “you’re hired” and a job rejection can easily be a rant on social media from bad day at work or a post of great time with friends. As technology continues to expand, opportunities for employers to use social media accounts to evaluate their potential employees. Employers use social media to gauge not only professionalism, but also skills and experience. Keeping your social media accounts updated with accurate information in relation to education and job experience, is just as important as maintaining professional images on social media. Employees can use social media as an aid to “landing the job” if used correctly

So how exactly is social media used as an added asset to landing that dream job?

For starters, you can use social media to promote yourself in your chosen field. Starting a blog, following companies that you are interested in, modifying your privacy settings to share only appropriate things with your certain audiences, uploading a professional profile picture and even paying attention to grammar usage; these things can aid in using social media to help you land that dream job.

As the old saying goes, “constantly stay vigilant of your surroundings.” In this context, ask yourself “If you were in the shoes of the employer, would you hire yourself if you saw the information presented on your social media account?”


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