Beyond Embarrasing

You slump into the couch and log into Facebook after a long day in class. You want to see pictures of your best friend’s trip to Cabo and your sister’s engagement. Instead, you find out your mom posted pictures of you when you were a baby… butt naked.

And everyone’s commenting about your exposed little self. It’s basically gone viral in your circle of friends and family. Now the whole world gets to see you in your full glory.
Screenshots have been taken. Memes have been made. The damage is brutal to your reputation.

Welcome to sharenting.

When parents post every little detail of your existence, it can be annoying. But, even more importantly, it can be damaging. Who knows who is looking at all of this oversharing parents are doing. It could be potential employers or it could be some creeps.

Either way, the outcome is not going to be good for you. And, really, there are no laws that can make them take that embarrassing stuff down.

And, apparently, it’s a somewhat new problem. Parents don’t intend any harm by posting about their kids, of course. They just think they are keeping their friends informed. And, those with little kids post about them nonstop for whatever reason.

A professor at UF Law professor, Stacy Steinburg, studied this phenomenon and had some crazy findings of the new age of parenting.

Stacy says, “A whopping 92 percent of 2-year-olds have a social media presence, and one-third of all kids appear on social media within the first twenty-four hours of their lives.”


What will happen when all of those babes grow up to be the next _______? (surgeon, astronaut, President)

We will be able to go back and look at when they got in trouble at school in third grade. We will be able to see the pictures of them at some wild party they went to in college. We will be able to see their successes and failures because they were all documented on the internet… permanently. What a terrible curse.

And what if that curse affects the future for these potential greats? What if it prevents them from becoming successful in the first place?
How terrible it could be… all because mom wanted to tell everyone about everything.


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